"Suvin Gold" is a rare type of extra-long staple cotton that is only grown by a limited number of farmers in the Tamil Nadu state of India, and can only make up a small percentage of the world's cotton production. This rare cotton is finely knitted using the highest quality FF30 gauge, and made into a knit polo shirt.

The smooth knit, combined with the moderate oil content inherent in cotton, creates a soft and silky texture. This polo shirt has been highly popular for the past 8 years since its release, and is now available in new colors of deep green and dark gray.

FF stands for "fully fashioned" and refers to a type of shaping knitting machine that increases or decreases the number of stitches to fit the shape of a human body. The FF30 gauge fabric is made using a machine from Germany's Scheller company, which is known for creating the most beautiful knits. The fabric is made at a super-high gauge of 30 resulting in an exceptionally fine and delicate fabric.

New Color Deep Green

The deep green color exudes a noble atmosphere. By combining a casual polo style with an elegant shade of green, a well-balanced piece has been created.



Polo Shirt:

Medium Brown

Medium brown exudes an air of composure. With its natural color and skin-friendly texture, it gives a calm and refined impression.



Polo Shirt:


Navy is the quintessential polo shirt color. It can be paired with anything from denim or chino pants to dressy wool slacks, making it versatile and attractive for a wide range of outfits.



Polo Shirt:


Black brings out a sense of weightiness. As a lightweight polo shirt suitable for spring and summer, it is recommended to add a chic touch by wearing it in black.



Polo Shirt:

Dark Gray

Dark gray is urban and sharp. Its simple and unpretentious color allows the quality of the material, sewing, and pattern to stand out.



Polo Shirt: