Good Matches for Business to Casual Styles.

When you want to make a fresh start and you are unsure about your styling,
We are here to accompany you in your business activities.
Let's get the basics of business shirts that you can never have too many of.

The most popular fabrics for shirts since the company's establishment.
Broadcloth, pinpoint oxford, and oxford.

①-A Shirt: KSM055
①-B Shirt: KSM052
Shirt: KSM053 Tie: BRJA40
Shirt: KSM052 Tie: FBKA25

On days when you are in the mood for a white shirt, the choice is not necessarily a suit. White is a reassuring presence that can either be a complement. If your overall styling is dark except for the white shirt, slip a linen white chief in your chest pocket..

100% cotton for comfort on the skin.
Easy care dress shirt PALPA

①② Shirt: KSJ013_10
Shirt: KSJ023 Tie: GMMA14

Minimize ironing and cleaning time. As soon as it made its debut as the pride of Kamakura Shirts, the "PALPA" easy-care dress shirt emphasizes comfort and quality, which became a standard item. From daily use to business trips and days of frequent travel, it is favored by businesspeople who want to look like a gentleman no matter what the occasion.

Stress-free comfort keeps repeat customers coming back!
Easy Care Jersey Shirt

①-A Shirt: YMKP40_21
①-B Shirt: YMKP40_10 Tie: ASKS01_9A
Shirt: YMKP40_21 Tie: ASKS01_2A
Shirt: YMKP40_10 Tie: BRJA40

The phenomenon of buying one jersey shirt to try out and then coming back tomorrow to buy more is continuing. The greatness of the knit fabric, which can be cared for and also expands and contracts as you move are noticed at a moment in your daily life. The durable fabric does not sag even after years of wearing the shirt.

Responding of changing work styles.
Beautiful casual shirts to wear.

①-A Shirt: WM1000_10  Cardigan: NM1044_25
①-B Shirt: WM1000_29  Sweater: NM1043_25
Shirt: WM1000_29
Shirt: WM1000_10

For those who have trouble with what to wear due to less strict rules to dress, such as office casual or teleworking. These are the casual shirts that can be used in the office. It also goes with mid-gauge knits and seasonal jackets. The length of the shirt, the collar, and the details that peeks out in key areas create a "fine" look.