Thomas Mason (Updated)

Founded in 1796, 'THOMAS MASON' is a fabric manufacturer that holds a Royal Warrant from the British royal family. Known for its quality and exquisite use of colors and patterns, it is celebrated as the highest quality fabric in the world. This time, from this traditional fabric lineup, we have selected linen suitable for summer and the classic Oxford fabric. Enjoy these masterpieces that are immediately recognizable as "something special" at first glance.


Thomas Mason's broadcloth fabric combines reliability with a touch of playfulness. Even when paired with basic ties or jackets, this collection, with its unique twist, exudes a certain sophistication.

This is quintessential Thomas Mason: a navy London stripe. While it features a classic pattern, it is also distinguished by its vibrant, urban color, making it an appealing piece.

A bright sky blue striped shirt that complements summer attire. Pair it with a navy tie in a similar shade to create a well-balanced V-zone.

An alternate stripe shirt featuring characteristically British smoky hues. Pair it with a solid tie to highlight the unique pattern of the shirt.

Pinpoint Oxford

Pinpoint Oxford fabric made with 80-count two-ply yarn. The high-quality materials and fine weaving give the fabric a deep luster and luxurious feel. Its crisp texture makes it easy to iron, adding to its appeal.

Because a simple white shirt leaves no room for compromise, we prioritize quality. Exuding the elegance characteristic of Thomas Mason, it naturally makes you stand taller when you wear it.

For those who already own basic white or blue shirts, we recommend a light green shirt. It pairs exceptionally well with ties in fresh, vibrant colors.

A purple shirt that exudes mature charm. We recommend keeping the colors of your tie and jacket understated to create an elegant V-zone.

Linen Fabrics

THOMAS MASON's linen is characterized by its cool, skin-friendly texture. It boasts the distinctive luster and crispness of high-quality flax, making it suitable not only for casual wear but also for business attire. The resulting dress shirts are elegant and appropriate for various settings. Additionally, the fabric's exceptional durability ensures that these pieces will be cherished for a long time.

A refreshing blue shirt that maximizes the cooling properties of linen. The fabric's subtly uneven texture adds depth, making it stylish even when worn alone.

A white shirt that exudes a relaxed feel without being too stiff. It is recommended to keep it simple, allowing the natural quality of the material to shine.

The beige color highlights the natural quality of linen. It can be worn in a calm and sophisticated manner without being overly refreshing, even in the summer.

Oxford Cloth

When crafted by THOMAS MASON, the typically rugged Oxford fabric exudes a dressy and gentlemanly aura. While it pairs well with denim or chinos, it also complements dressier slacks perfectly. The tasteful use of colors and patterns adds a refined accent to any outfit, balancing playfulness and elegance.

For those who already own white or blue shirts, we recommend an ecru shirt. It has a natural feel and pairs exceptionally well with textured ties.

A relaxed reverse stripe shirt can be elevated with a sophisticated purple tie. It exudes a more stylish and refined vibe compared to regular stripe shirts.

A bold gingham check shirt pairs well with a tie in similar tones. Even the classic combination of Oxford and knit tie feels fresh, thanks to Thomas Mason's exquisite use of patterns.