Vintage Ivy Collection 2023


Miles Davis once asked a music journalist who had been watching him on stage how he’d done?
"You sounded superb", he replied.
"No, not that, Miles interrupted, I mean how did my suit look?"
Davis, the embodiment of hip and the coolest man on the planet during his Ivy suited period also wore some fine button-down shirts. There was, obviously the now famous green oxford cloth button-down of which Kamakura previously made an excellent version.

You will see in this new Vintage Ivy collection an unusual soft white pop-over button-down shirt in cotton jersey fabric. There is a photograph of Davis wearing a similar jersey button-down featured in "Black Ivy", a book that I co-authored and art directed.

Kamakura, being Ivy Look devotees have faithfully reproduced this shirt for the Vintage Ivy collection.
Another shirt worn by Miles Davis that Kamakura have reproduced here for the 2023 Vintage Ivy Collection is the one he wore on the cover of his album "Miles Davis at Newport 1958". It’s a band collar shirt with two flap pockets, Davis wore it under a seersucker jacket, it’s definitely a shirt to own.

For the first time Kamakura have introduced a short sleeve polo shirt to the Vintage Ivy collection. An all time favourite for summer, this version features a logo based on the popular postcard character, Max the cat, illustrated by Graham Marsh. It’s the cats whiskers!

Written and illustrated by Graham Marsh
Illustrations: Copyright Graham Marsh


An ecru coloured oxford cloth band collar shirt can look great under an Ivy seersucker jacket. Authentic details include two flap pockets and a French placket front. Miles Davis illustrates this handsomely on the cover of his album ‘Miles Davis at Newport 1958’. This shirt is the real deal.


Another Miles Davis inspired shirt.
This button-down is made from a soft white cotton jersey.
It is a pop-over with a four button placket front,
it’s a Kamakura Vintage Ivy classic.


Navy Polo shirt
To celebrate Graham Marsh’s ten year collaboration with Vintage Ivy Kamakura have introduced a short sleeve navy polo shirt with a special logo featuring Max the cat.
It’s the cats whiskers!