Vintage Line Tie

From Italy's Milan, it's just a one-hour train ride. Located in the northern part of Italy, in the Lombardy region. At the foot of the Alps, along the shores of Lake Como, there is a tie brand with its atelier. Rich waters from the Alps, crisp air, lush greenery. Once upon a time, the streets with cobblestones and mansions that were used by royalty and nobility, the elegant and relaxed climate unique to southern Europe. All of these elements blend together in Como, earning it a reputation as one of Europe's premier scenic destinations.

It is a captivating land that has enthralled many people, including writers and creators, as seen in numerous visual works such as scenes set on lush, natural planets in highly famous science fiction films. With its charming buildings and majestic landscapes, Como is a treasure trove of inspiration, making it an ideal place for creation. The ties born in such a place become the "Vintage Line" offered by Kamakura Shirts.

The brand boasts a history of approximately 60 years since its founding. While its history may be shorter compared to renowned Italian brands, it has captivated famous specialty stores worldwide with its innovative designs and overwhelming quality. It has grown to become a leading brand representing Italy, surpassing others.

The business relationship with Kamakura Shirts has also lasted for about 10 years. From the first delivery to the present day, the "Vintage Line" has garnered overwhelming popularity, primarily among customers.

The key feature of the "Vintage Line" lies in its vintage-inspired patterns. By delving into archives dating back over a century, they craft their designs. Rather than directly using historical archives, they excel at modernizing retro patterns. Through this modernization process, fresh combinations of colors and patterns emerge, creating a distinctive blend of classic and modern ambiance unique to them.

Their expertise lies in "modernizing venerable designs from the past," a skill and originality so remarkable that Kamakura Shirts has chosen to present their collection under the name "Vintage Line."

The high versatility allowing for everyday use in business settings, while remaining innovative, is another key point. Representative color combinations from Italy include "Azzurro e Marrone" (azure and brown).

The sophisticated tones of blue and brown are highly practical in Japan's business scene, evoking a refined and composed atmosphere. This exceptional color scheme also contributes to attracting many people.

With such strong planning and originality, they seamlessly blend classic and trendy elements, creating exquisitely crafted masterpieces with depth and character. The "Vintage Line" stands out with its combination of highly designed motifs, beautifully crafted Italian fabrics, and handcrafted stitching, exuding a unique ambiance. It's an authentic Italian necktie that captivates fashion enthusiasts.