Wool Knit Pique Shirt

30th Anniversary Project

Established in 1993, Kamakura Shirts will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in November.

This year, we are planning to bring some special items every month to show our gratitude to everyone who has supported us.

The first special item is the "Wool Knit Pique Shirt". We used high-quality wool to weave the pique fabric, It has a smooth and comfortable feel, and it will be versatile for a long season.

The shirt comes in two colors: black and gray, and each color has a limited quantity of 100 pieces.

Techwool: One of the world's leading woolen textile production areas. It is made of SUPER120's wool with a glossy finish and has functional properties that are wrinkle-resistant.

Moisture absorption, quick-drying, odor-resistant. Wool has the function of being less likely to be stuffy and decomposing the smell of sweat. Even if you wear it all day, it will continue to feel smooth and comfortable.

Excellent stretchability
The greatest feature of a knit shirt is its excellent stretchability. It expands the range of motion around the shoulders and chest, providing a stress-free and comfortable fit.


Black is wrapped in an elegant atmosphere. This austere casual shirt is designed with black mother-of-pearl buttons in the same color scheme. It is recommended to wear it with gray or white items for a monochrome look.


The lightness of the pique pattern stands out in gray. It looks great even when worn alone thanks to the fabric's depth and frosted textur. The beautiful flowing drape unique to Techwool, which is less likely to wrinkle.