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With mountains surrounding the East, North, and West, and Sagami Bay to the South, the area forms a natural fortress.
In 1192, the first ever military government led by samurai was established here, using this geographical advantage. Kamakura soon became the political and cultural center of Japan.

These founding samurai followed the path of “Zenshu”, making Kamakura the birthplace of Zen philosophy. In modern times, a host of writers and luminaries have also fallen in love with the city and began to call it their home.
Thanks to their influence, cultural shifts continue to emerge from their presence.

Kamakura beach
Holy water at Kamakura Shrine Kamakura Buddha statue
Pictures of a frog statue, and old fashioned bicycle, traditional Japanese food, and Japanese calligraphy with pottery
Three Japanese women in kimono
Three pictures of traditional Japanese nature
Picture of the large traditional Japanese gates to Kamakura
Four Japanese women in Kimono Electric rail train

Not only can it boast the proud heritage of the ancient samurai, but also the natural beauty of the ocean and mountains – all while remaining easily accessible from Tokyo. Kamakura has been linked to France's Nice since 1966. The beautiful blue sea is one of many things that the two cities have in common.

Understandably, the city of Kamakura attracts tourists from all over Japan and beyond – but Kamakura is where one of our founders, Tamiko Sadasue, was born and raised. It is an honor for Kamakura Shirts to use the name of such an attractive city, and we hope to share this with you.

“50 years ago, the Zushi Marina area was just a rocky shore.
We used to find shellfish there, between the rocks among the rough waves; we would steam these and snack on them.
Nowadays, it’s a place where “Shonan Boys” moor their yachts.” - Tamiko Sadasue

Kamakura harbor
Kamakura harborPicture of President Tamiko in front of a store in Kamakura