Copy of How to Measure a Dress Shirt


Please use a shirt you feel comfortable in as reference.
For accuracy, use a shirt with no stretchy qualities.
Lay completely flat before measuring.
Handle all shirt dimensions with the tape measure and shirt taut.
Always measure in straight, precise lines.

Illustration of shirt with numerical markings 1 on collar, 2 on sleeve, 3 on chest, 4 on waist, 5 on shoulder, and 6 on length

1. Collar

Measuring your own neck for this is recommended.Measure your neck tightly, right below your Adam's apple where the collar of your shirt would sit. Put room for two fingers between your neck and tape, then note the measurement.

2. Sleeve

Measure on the back from the middle of the shirt, at the base of the collar. Go along the yoke, then pivot from the shoulder down to the outer edge of the cuff.

3. Chest

Measure the chest flat across the shirt, underneath the armhole.Multiply by two.*Please note that this pit-to-pit measuring method cannot accurately calculate the chest measurement for box pleat shirts, which come in our button down shirts. Please contact us if you are looking for the right size for our button down shirts.

4. Waist

Measure flat across the shirt, at the narrowest part of the waist.Multiply by two.

5. Yoke

Also known as the shoulder measurement. Measure on the back of the shirt from the shoulder seam along the yoke, to the center back base of the collar.Multiply by two.

6. Length

Measure on the back side of the shirt, from the center of the back of the collar to the hem of the garment.