Italian Collar Collection

We are bringing to you a new collection of Italian inspired collars made by the meticulous craftsmen of Japan.


These days, ties are disappearing from our daily office dress codes,
not only in Japan but also in the business capital of the world -​ 
New York has seen a decrease in the umber of men wearing ties.
In the midst of this change, many customers at our New York store told us that
they have trouble finding a shirt that looks good without a tie.

After learning about their concerns, we looked into shirt collars
made by craftsmen in the competitive city of Naples.
Their​ ​collars are known for their perfectly finished spread,​ ​
and we studied them carefully when creating our own line of shirts.

Try one on and you'll understand.
Discover the unique beauty of exquisite collars that received a big thumbs up from our developers.



Wear it with a Jacket

The collars tuck neatly beneath your jacket lapels.
The height of the collars is just right - not too short or tall - which brings out a sophisticated look.


Wearing it with a Sweater or Tie
The collar stay neatly tucked underneath your sweaters, and stays put even when it's worn with a tie.






“Firenze” comes from the city flower of Florence, Italy.
We want you to take a closer look at the collar, inspired by the styles seen in Florence.
An elegant collar, achieved by using a "top fuse" interlining.

 We have created a new button down collar with a French placket,
instead of the usual front placket, which makes the shirt more elegant.


 Unique Features of the FIRENZE
The collar has a strong top fuse interlining and we use the luxurious white mother of pearl buttons.
Unlike our other button down shirts, it comes with a French placket and darts in the backside.
Whether you wear it with or without a tie, the collar's presence and elegance stands out.