Kamakura Fabrics

Two folded crisp blue and white dress shirts next to travel items

Easy Care

We took two paths in fighting wrinkles. One path lead to a standard dress shirt. These are shirts made of PALPA, a cotton/poly blend. Knowing that standard non-iron dress shirts can be rough, starched, or downright uncomfortable, we sought to add our natural touch for a comfortable shirt you can feel confident will hold up throughout the day. Read more here.

Dress shirts not your style? Look no further than our easy care jersey knit shirts: cut close to the body and finished shorter than the standard dress shirt. Perfect for an extra slim fit, avoiding billowing and wrinkles. Read more here.


A brilliant white shirt made of a silky fabric

Premium Fabric

Our premium fabric spans shirts made of the finest materials available. We have collaborated with the foremost authorities in weaving to produce fine, high thread count shirts. Some of these shirts are so difficult to make due to scarcity of fabric and meticulous detail that even the fastest, most proficient factories can still only produce one shirt a day. Interested in learning more about thread count, ply, and quality? We've got you covered on our Premium Shirts page.