Basic Vintage Ivy Shirts.

Every year, we collaborate four Vintage Ivy shirts with author and illustrator Graham Marsh, inspired from the 60's Ivy League look. This year, apart from the yearly collaboration shirts, we chose five basic fabrics to create our own original Vintage Ivy shirts. We've heard your requests and demands for the plain solid OCBD Vintage Ivy, and they're finally here.
Basic colors that can be worn for different occasions and scenes.
Take a look at the styling ideas below.

White Oxford Button Down

"White permits anything. Even when I dare to match this button down IVY shirt with denim, I feel comfortable and no feelings of guilt. I like popping some color like the green cap and green belt, or the yellow socks to add some character." Akinari Shoji, Akihabara Store Manager

Product ID: WLGS1310
Height: 172cm (5'6"), weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Shirt size: 14½

Blue Stripe Selvedge Oxford Button Down

"If it's a choice between white and blue, I would choose a blue shirt from this collection. Give yourself a more classic Ivy League look by matching it with a paisley print tie. It's definitely a classic look, but I think it's cool to be traditional." Hirokazu Nariai, Shinjuku Store Staff

Height: 170cm (5'6"), Weight: 63kg (139lbs)
Shirt size: 15

Blue Selvedge Oxford Button Down

"For this shirt, I accented it with my favorite military pants and gave it a relaxed style with a seersucker jacket and a pair of sneakers for an adult preppy look." Shinnosuke Kawada, Ginza Store / PR Staff

Product ID: WLGS0824
Height: 167cm (5'5"), Weight: 56kg (123lbs)
Shirt size: 14

Beige Stripe Selvedge Oxford Button Down

"This brown candy stripe shirt elegantly complements sporty items. A metal button blazer is fine, but on days when I'm not working, I want to have a little more comfort and style it with a gingham check jacket." Akinari Shoji, Akihabara Store Manager

Height: 172cm (5'6"), Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Shirt size: 14½

Ivory Selvedge Oxford Button Down

"An ivory shirt that looks like an old jazz men. Some of the suits are ivory instead of plain white shirts. It makes me feel somehow stylish." Kosuke Suda, Yokohama Store Assistant Manager

Height: 175cm (5'7"), Weight: 56kg (123lbs)
Shirt size: 15

New! Short Sleeve Vintage Ivy Shirts

We're excited to announce an addition to our Vintage Ivy collection: Short Sleeve Vintage Ivy shirts! It shares the same design as our regular Vintage Ivy shirts, but you'll be able to wear it untucked or tucked.

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