From items that are useful for business to items that can be used for home time and holidays. Kamakura Shirts, a company that is committed to manufacturing with care, propose a gift for that special someone.

Tie x Dots

Dot patterns with few peculiarities are popular among people of all ages. When wearing them with patterned shirts or suits, the key to beautiful styling is to create a contrast in the size and detail of the pattern.


Ties x Grenadine

If you are going from a suit to a more casual look, go for a grenadine tie. It means "refreshing" in Italian and gives a light touch to your overall styling.


Ties x Sport Motifs

Have some fun choosing your neckties. A subtle hint of your hobby in the pattern of your tie will surely liven up your mood and conversation.


Ties x Geometric

The stylish small pattern is one that allows you to express your individuality as well as familiarity. The larger the pattern, the more classic it becomes, and the more dignified the suit style becomes.


Ties x Solid

If you are unsure about choosing a gift for someone who wears ties, go for a solid tie. It's an eternal basic, and you'll want to have several of them in different textures and colors.

TIE English Collection [50 oz]

Ties x Regimental

If you wear a tie daily, then you probably have at least one regimental (stripe) pattern. The stripes come in a variety of color combinations and line thicknesses, and are easy to coordinate, making them an attractive item to collect.


134 Casual Shirts

A casual shirt for holidays and telework. Equipped with the sewing and quality of dress shirts, it gives you a dignified and mature atmosphere. It can be enjoyed in a wide range of styles from light-weight seasons to inner wear for knitwear and jackets.

Band Collar Oxford Casual Shirt


The moment you put on these comfortable and tailored pajamas, you will feel relaxed and restored for the day. They invite a good night's sleep.

Leather Goods

In today's cashless world, how about a business card case? The front side is made of rare cordovan, known as the "diamond of leather," and the inside is made of luxurious and durable saffiano leather. The inside is made of luxurious and sturdy Saffiano leather. This is a gem of a business card case for adults that shines with attention to detail when you pull it out.