Our 9th collaboration project with
Graham Marsh,
co-author of ‘The Ivy Look’


A new collection for this year has arrived.
Take a look and enjoy the nostalgia of the Ivy Style heyday.



Back in the 1960s, Graham Marsh was fascinated with the world of jazz and Ivy Style.
Fifty years later in 2012, he came across Kamakura Shirts and our Oxford
button-down shirts, reminding him of the '60s.
Our collaboration began when
Kamakura Shirts opened in New York on Madison Avenue.
Since then, he has continued to design four unique new shirts
for our Vintage Ivy Collection every year,
as we strive to rise above all expectations.



Green Track Stripe on Navy Button-Down

Pinpoint Oxford

“Denim, white sneakers, and beige hoodie coat. Wear the navy and green stripe shirt with basic items and you have yourself a casual, yet still a smartly dressed look.”
Kosuke Suda, Yokohama Store - Assistant Manager

Royal Stewart Plaid Button-Down

Pinpoint Oxford

“In order to wear the British Royal Stewart in an Ivy League style, I chose universal items and focused on the material. The refreshing linen trousers complement the shirt and add glamor to the basic color matching.”
Akinari Shoji, Akihabara Store - Manager

Blue Chambray Button-Down with Pocket Flap


"I chose denim pants for the chambray shirt with the impressive flap pocket to give a rugged image. Combining similar materials like denim on chambray is a style I have been currently into."
Shinnosuke Kawada, Ginza Store / PR Staff

Blue Stripe on Pink Oxford Cloth Button-Down

Oxford Cloth

“A pair of chino, a cardigan, saddle shoes and the Oxford button down shirt are a style that anyone can try. Pull out what's lying in your closet and you're done. Eternal basics that will never fade.
Hirokazu Nariai, Shinjuku Store Staff

The POST Cards Illustrated by Graham Marsh

"Having just finished a gig at New York's legendary Village Vanguard jazz club the buttoned pocket flap on a blue chambray shirt is guaranteed to keep your hard-earned money safe and secure. A chambray button-down has kind of become a signature Kamakura Vintage Ivy shirt."

"When in Rome make sure you wear the correct threads. A softly tailored grey herringbone Ivy jacket over a Kamakura Royal Stewart plaid button-down shirt - multo elegante! The Italians have a word for it - sprezzatura, which means reaching for perfection, while cultivating the impression of never having given it a thought."

"Wearing a timeless blue on pink oxford cloth button-down and a Letterman cardigan while walking through New York's Greenwich Village side streets is about as good as it gets. Don't forget the essential architectural Le Corbusier eyeglasses."

"On a visit to Tokyo, take the train to Kamakura City and visit Kamakura Shirts flagship store, but please make sure you wear this classic Vintage Ivy button-down shirt of green track stripings on navy - you will be warmly welcomed."

The Details

Last Year's Collection

Miles Davis Inspired
Green Oxford
99.00 USD

Lightweight Oxford Button-Down with French Placket
99.00 USD

Blue Bengal Stripe Broadcloth Button-Down
99.00 USD

Navy & Burgundy Overcheck Broadcloth Button-Down
99.00 USD