Women's Shirt & Blouse Fabrics


We use a fine thread of 80 count or more for our broadcloth fabrics. The fabric is woven with high density and has a moderate luster. This shirt can be worn all year long.


Also known as the "twill weave", this fabric is more supple and softer than the "plain weave" broadcloth. The surface of the fabric is glossy and has some elasticity. Can be worn all year long.


The dobby is the term used to express fabrics woven by a dobby loom. Dobby fabrics include woven stripes (image above), satin, picket, and twill. The properties are similar to the broadcloth: The dobby fabric is thin and has a slight gloss, with high density. It can also be worn all year long.


A fabric that is the thickest in our collection. The standard fabric for casual shirts with a dry-touch texture and low density. The fabric is thick, so we typically recommend it for spring, autumn, and winter


The pinpoint oxford uses a thinner thread compared to the regular oxford, which creates a supple feel. A fabric that is easy to wear all year round, with a moderate thickness.


A fabric with a strong firmness that is packed with fine threads at a high density. Although it is thin, it is hard to see-through and has a light touch. Usually made for casual shirts, the winkles give a natural and organic look. We recommend wearing this in the warmer season.


A cool and matte fabric that has fine irregularities like pear skin and does not cling on the skin. We often use this fabric for clothes for spring to early autumn. Good choice to wear at the office and if you want something that isn't see-through.

Crepe de Chine

A plain woven fabric that represents an elegant image with its exquisite luster. Compared to Amunzen, the thread density is high and it is difficult to see-through.


This is our thickest fabric in our blouse collection. Our standard fabric for casual shirts with a dry-touch-texture. The fabric is thick, so we typically recommend it for spring, autumn, and winter.


Smooth has a moderate stretchability which makes it less likely to wrinkle. Because it uses a dry-touch, strong twisted yarn, like it's name, it has a very smooth feel.


A thin, slightly transparent fabric that represents summer. Although it is thin, the density of the delicate thread is high, and it has a luxurious appearance and a moderately firm feel.


Elastic knitted fabric. Not only is it soft and easy to move in, it does not wrinkle easily, the knit shirt of the Kamakura shirt dries quickly and can be used comfortably throughout the year, including in the hot summer months.


Liberty Fabric's original fabric, printed in their printing mill in Italy. It possesses a silky touch, with a unique print quality and incomparable color vibrancy. Tana Lawn can be machine washed and durable enough to be worn everyday. As it does not cling on the skin, it can also be worn in the summer.