From the lineup unique to shirt shops
: The "Ease Model" and our basic "Free Size" shirts.
These two styles are for customers who are looking for a "basic piece first".
High-quality materials, carefully sewn, and patterns that make women look beautiful.


one size, casual shirt

“Ease”… To be comfortable and carefree both physically and mentally. With the theme of "a comfortable shirt that you will want to wear on the weekends," we pursued a design that "looks good" just by wearing it by iteself.
The Design
The unpretentious and compact regular color enhances the relaxed mood. By naturally creating volume in the back, you'll feel at ease, without any tightness. The hem cut, which allows you to enjoy the shirt both tuck-in and out, allows a wide range of styling options regardless of the bottom. The button spacing is a little wider than usual, and can be worn over a t-shirt or tank-top.

Same Shirt, Two Looks

You can wear this look to the beach, or accent it with some gold accessories and ballet shoes for a stylish yet casual look.


White shirt with denim is a basic look anyone can look good in. The relaxed collar and the volume of the back side will give you a carefree look. Simple but yet still elegant.



one size, dress shirt

"A shirt that feels relaxed but still looks good" Based on the orthodox dress shirt, we wanted to create a pattern that matches the female body. One size shirt with an elegant atmosphere.
The Design
We wanted to create a free size shirt the looks sophisticated but still comfortable to wear. To do this, we added all the volume in the back and made the front neat. The length of the front and back is slightly different in order to hide the hips.

Same Shirt, Two Looks

Tuck this shirt inside a pair of wide black pants and don't forget the heels to give a sophisticated impression at your office. Get some earrings that stand out so you

Another look you could wear to work or you've got a dinner date. The top has volume so try a pencil skirt for a nice silhouette. Grab some classy leather shoes that are easy to walk in.