Basque Shirt

Classic Basque Shirt

The Basque shirt, a timeless piece cherished by historical figures, has stood the test of time. Its design was originally based on functional elements, so adding too many modifications could compromise its classic character. Given these constraints, the one aspect we focused on improving was the neckline. We aimed to create a balance that complements both shirts and jackets. This Basque shirt represents the culmination of our dress shirt expertise and innovative craftsmanship.



Which silhouette do you prefer for a unisex Basque shirt?
Even the smallest variations can drastically change the style and impression.
Take a look at these different ways to wear it.

Model's height 176cm wearing Size M


Model's height 167cm wearing Size S



#01 With Shirt

#02 With Skirt

#03 With Jacket

#04 With Trousers


We've refined and tested our design to achieve the perfect balance between the shirt and neckline. Our neckline is not as wide as a boat neck and not as tight as a crew neck. The key is that it looks great on its own, but also pairs well with a shirt or jacket.

It's the kind of subtle detail you might not find elsewhere, but you'll appreciate it once you wear it. We've also added an accent with a name tag at the bottom of the side seam, providing a unique touch.