BREUER, a tie brand in Nice, the southeastern coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea holds a history of over 130 years.

With careful cutting and sewing of handmade ties, and colors reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes are unique to BREUER. The fair and close relationship between BREUER and Kamakura Shirts brings in "BREUER for Kamakura Shirts," a double name tie. The price is USD99. This is less than half the market price.

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Breuer ties are based on classical and traditional styles. The company is a manufacturer that releases a beautiful collection each season that evokes the image of the sea in the south of France, with elegance in the use of colors and patterns.

Nice where the company is based is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast, known as the Côte d'Azur, there are many famous cities such as Monaco, Cannes, and Saint Tropez.

The Côte d'Azur is not only beautiful in its sea and nature, but with great beaches and culture, just like Kamakura and Shonan. Along the bayside with luxury hotels, top maison, boutiques, beautiful cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Breuer ties that emerge from such a fusion of natural beauty and unparalleled culture have a unique atmosphere and appeal that no one else can imitate.

Three Major Features of BREUER are as follows

1. Beautiful Coloring

TThe reason why Breuer ties are so eye-catching is because of their "beautiful colors.

In particular, the unique marine blues and whites reminiscent of the Cote d'Azur are colors that no other manufacturer can produce. The special blue they express blends beautifully with their shirts.

Designed in France using natural materials such as silk, cotton, linen, and wool. One of the most distinctive feature is a unique cutting pattern called "bottleneck style," in which the knot is compact and curves elegantly from the knot to the tip of the tie.

2. French style

The second characteristic is the French style.
French style is represented by well-known brands such as St. James, Paraboot, and Weston. Which brand is the most representative of French style neckties? That would be BREUER. This is the only company in the world that continues to upgrade the "classic style of men's dress shirt from the French point of view" in an elegant way.

3.Archives of 130 Years

They possess 130 years of their archives (past materials and technique).
In European manufacturers and factories, archives are considered a value that money can never buy.

One of the reasons why they are recognized around the world is that they are able to keep their classic styles and upgrade them in a classy way by possessing their archives for many years.