Recommended items to pair with the new BREUER collection. The eye-catching BREUER tie with its beautiful coloration is a charming design that adds an accent to your everyday V-zone, and it is also featured in this year's autumn/winter collection.


Combine a slightly matte navy solid silk tie with a brown striped shirt for a soft impression. The shirt has an elegant feel with just the right amount of sheen, so it pairs well with a wool jacket that avoids excessive thickness and a brushed texture.

With the distinct contrast in the V-zone, opting for charcoal gray slacks complements the overall ensemble, achieving a sophisticated adult style.


A wool tie is perfect for the fall and winter seasons and pairs exceptionally well with wild items like denim and tweed. Additionally, combining it with corduroy or denim pants achieves a balanced overall look, exuding a refined atmosphere. The tie, with its combination of materials, further enhances the coordination, making it stand out.


For a glossy brown-based tie, dressy items are recommended. Wearing a houndstooth jacket or other chic outerwear creates a classic style perfect for business settings. Pairing it with light gray slacks and adding contrast enhances the allure of the simple color.