Casual Shirts 2023 Spring

A casual shirt made of high-quality broadcloth that makes you feel refreshed and uplifted just by wearing it.

The fabric is woven densely yet lightly, creating a texture that is not too stiff and not too soft, making it perfect for the current mood.

This collection features a washed finish that adds a casual touch and creates a wrinkle effect that is perfect for casual occasions. Additionally, it can be worn for office casual styles by lightly pressing it.


A blue striped shirt that evokes the feeling of spring. By limiting the number of colors to navy and white items, you can create a refreshing and clean outfit. It's also a good idea to wear a turtleneck as an inner layer during early spring.

Casual Shirt: PN1005_23
T-Shirt: YM3003_27

A brightly colored block stripe shirt that is suitable for a resort atmosphere. Although it has an impactful color pattern at first glance, the white lines are actually off-white, giving it a natural feel. This is the kind of shirt that you can wear casually and unbuttoned, as if it's been washed and worn.

Casual Shirt: PN1005_55
T-Shirt: YM3003_11


A dressy and stoic multistripe pattern is recommended to be paired with earth-toned bottoms or jackets to add a soft atmosphere.

Casual Shirt: PN1002_23

This multistripe wide-collar shirt gives off both classic and modern vibes. By incorporating delicate narrow stripes into a casual style, a shirt with a noble appearance has been created.

Casual Shirt: PN1002_35
Sweater: NM1047_29


A multi-striped stand collar shirt that balances both high quality and casualness. Despite its clean blue and white color scheme, the slightly smoky texture of the fabric gives it an appropriate look for an adult's everyday wear.

Casual Shirt: PN1004_21
Sweater: NM1047_17

The band collar design that gives a clean and stylish look around the neck area. The use of a home plate-shaped pocket adds a nice accent to the shirt. It can be paired with a lightweight casual jacket for a relaxed dress-down style. Highly recommended.

Casual Shirt: PN1003_21
Jacket: RSJ013_29


This is a sophisticated solid broadcloth shirt. We offer three colors: classic white and navy, as well as a sax blue that evokes the feeling of French marine. The short pointed collar adds a touch of dressiness while also giving off a relaxed impression.


Casual Shirt: PN1001_29
Jacket: NM1050_32

A brilliant and eye-catching sax blue shirt. When combined with light-colored bottoms or a striped T-shirt, it completes a French marine style that evokes the south of France.


Casual Shirt: PN1001_23

A white broadcloth shirt is an essential item in a men's wardrobe. With a fabric that has just the right amount of sheen, it can be worn in a wide range of settings, from business casual to casual.


Casual Shirt: PN1001_10