Easy Care Jersey Knit Shirts


The Kamakura Knit Shirt is a popular item that many people say "once you wear it, you can't wear any other shirt." It has attracted many fans with its stress-free feel like a t-shirt and easy-care properties that hardly wrinkle. Even though it is called a "knit shirt," it actually comes in various fabrics and materials, each with its own unique characteristics. We will introduce the variations of knit shirts.


We Recommend a 46G for Your First Knit Shirt.

When it comes to Knit Shirts, the 46G high gauge knit shirt is a must-have. Using a rare machine that can produce such fine knitting, only a handful of which exist in the world, this shirt boasts a glossy finish that closely resembles dress shirts made from woven fabric. The shirt is so well-made that it is difficult for the wearer or anyone else to tell that it's a knit shirt, making it a strong ally for those who work actively every day.




The shirt has a natural texture that doesn't immediately give away that it's a knit shirt. Additionally, it has a good amount of glossiness, making it possible to pair with a silk necktie.

The knit shirt's biggest advantage is its incredible stretchiness, which is hard to imagine for a dress shirt. By expanding the range of motion, it achieves excellent mobility and comfort.

This best-selling 46G knit shirt is also attractive for its diverse range of variations. In addition to solid colors, we also offer patterned shirts such as checks and stripes that can add a touch of accent to your outfit.

46G Jersey Knit Shirt Line-up

Beyond Knit, Delicate Expression
High-Gauge Jacquard Knit

In the world of knitwear, it has been said that it is impossible to achieve delicate patterns like those found in woven fabrics. However, the Kanemasa Meriyasu, a long-established knitwear manufacturer in Wakayama, has successfully overcome this challenge. They have created a unique high-gauge jacquard circular knitting machine that produces knit shirts with intricate patterns such as herringbone, royal Oxford, and broadcloth, giving them a sense of depth and texture.

Experience a new type of knit shirt that goes beyond the typical boundaries of knitwear.

Jacquard Knit Shirt Line-up

Heavy Weight With A Warm Feel
Double Knit

A double-knit shirt with excellent heat retention and durability on both sides. The material has a moderate thickness and kickback, making it difficult to lose its shape and able to withstand heavy use. It is also a bonus that the inner layer is not see-through. You can wear it for three seasons: spring, autumn, and winter.

The heavy-weight double knit fabric has an attractive drape and fall due to its weight. The fabric falls nicely, creating a clean silhouette.

The double-knit fabric with its double-sided weave has a substantial thickness that prevents inner layers or skin from showing through, making it perfect for a style where you take off your jacket.

Double Knit Shirt Line-up

We Have Casual Knitwear Options

For those who want to dress up even on casual occasions but still want to feel comfortable, we recommend casual knit shirts. They retain the easy care and soft touch unique to knits while also featuring a casual fabric feel and length balance. These shirts are versatile, suitable for a range of casual to office-casual settings, and are perfect for the modern era.

The length of the shirt is designed to be versatile for both wearing tucked in and untucked. The shirt has enough room around the waist for a relaxed fit silhouette.

This casual knit shirt is based on the pattern of a dress shirt, making it suitable for office casual wear as well. It also pairs well with cardigans or lightweight jackets.

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