Flannel Shirts 2023

A "slightly elegant flannel shirt" made of cotton material.

True to the nature of dress shirts, it features intricate stitching. Upon touch, you can feel the subtly raised texture of the fabric. When worn in layers, it provides a non-stressful tactile sensation.

Guided by the excellence of the fabric, we have selected colors and patterns that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. It's something enjoyable in any era.

Dressing Up In Flannel

Shirt: KNHS41_21
Necktie: GMNA015AAS

Shirt: KNHS41_31
Necktie: GMNA071DBC

We have adopted a collar style that is easy to incorporate into business scenes. In this season, where there is a rich variety in the V-zone, enjoy coordinating by pairing it with a textured tie.

Characterized by a narrow pitch herringbone pattern. By raising the fabric, it creates a depth and luster. Even when wearing a voluminous jacket for the fall and winter, this flannel shirt comes together elegantly.

A Check Pattern With A Traditional Expression

By inserting a thin interlining inside the collar, we achieve a soft roll for the button-down. The back features box pleats, adopting the classic details of a button-down.

A traditional favorite check pattern. To avoid conveying a deep casual feel, only the surface of the fabric has been subtly brushed. A timeless classic in shirt patterns that brings a sense of comfort to your wardrobe.

An Ombre Check Imbued With Delicacy Throughout

A compact semi-spread collar with a work-style double-pocket design. The back features a clean drape with side pleats for a graceful fall. The collar has a neat appearance, making it suitable for pairing with a jacket. The pockets are intentionally matched with the pattern for a refined look.

An attention-grabbing ombre check with captivating shadows. We've carefully selected a base tartan check with a Kamakura shirt approach in navy and blue tones. Not too bold in its design, making it perfect for everyday wear.