The long-awaited Christmas will soon arrive.
For those who are wondering "What should I give as a present?"
We would like to introduce some items that we recommend for different occasions.
At work, on the road, or at home.
Kamakura Shirt offers high-quality gifts for this holiday season.



A business card case luxuriously made of "cordovan," known as the jewel of leather, is a great gift for the man who is particular about his work. It is available in a wide variety of colors, and it is easy to coordinate it with the same color as your everyday shoes or bag.


Necktie pins are one of the most appreciated gifts when given as a present. We offer simple designs that are appropriate for business occasions and are not too conspicuous.


A business belt made of Japanese cordovan. Wearing a good belt will enhance the dignity of your coordination because it is a belt that you do not usually pay much attention to. We have a wide selection of sizes, so please choose one that fits your body shape.


This casual shirt is made by a dress shirt maker with high-quality tailoring suitable for adults' holiday wear. It is available in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL), making it easy to choose.


Ribbed knit gloves made of 100% cashmere, a rare and luxurious fiber. The simple design makes them suitable for both casual and business use. They are unisex, so we recommend them as matching gifts.


This 100% cashmere scarf has such a smooth texture that you will want to keep touching it. We have a wide variety of colors from standard colors to trendy colors. This is the most popular item as a Christmas gift every year.


Sweaters and cardigans are a classic Christmas gift. Knitwear with simple designs made of high quality wool or cashmere can be used for a long time regardless of trends.


Pajamas made of natural materials for a good night's sleep. Since we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it is important to wear good quality clothes. It will surely make your daily life more comfortable.