Japan Basic Tie Collection

In celebration of the 30th anniversary.

Immutable, the regimental tie is being reissued.

Founded in 1993, Kamakura Shirts will be marking its 30th anniversary in November 2023.
In this memorial year, expressing our gratitude to everyone who has supported us so far,
we have planned special events and items every month.
For the 10th installment, we have revived the timeless classic regimental tie in the Ivy Trad style,
which is the root of Kamakura Shirts.


In the 1960s when Ivy style became popular in Japan, we've recreated ties with classic designs that remain unchanged from that era. We offer two types of ties: one faithfully reproducing the timeless design and another, modernized with adjustments in color tones and stripe pitch width.

The vintage-inspired colors bring a playful touch, while the firm fabric adds a polished look to the V-zone, making it ideal for business settings.

A project has now begun to create a tie that complements Kamakura Shirts' masterpiece, the button-down shirt. However, this tie is not just a design inspired by Ivy Trad. In the year 711 AD, in the historic silk-producing region of Kyoto and Kyotango with a legacy of 1300 years, this tie is being crafted.

The fabric is woven in Kyoto, the birthplace of tie production in Japan, and the tie is meticulously sewn at a hand-sewing workshop in Kyoto. The result is a tie that exudes a sense of history and tradition.

The delicate and fine threads are woven with care on a low-speed loom to avoid cutting or fuzzing. This process takes twice the time of a regular tie, producing only about 50 cm per hour. Taking the time to weave enhances the density of both warp and weft threads to the utmost limit, resulting in a firm and substantial fabric with a strong feel.

Furthermore, to preserve the original texture of silk, a special treatment is applied, bringing out a distinctive deep color unique to Nishijin, distinct from imported ties.