Easy Care Jersey Shirt


Once worn, many people say they can't wear other shirts - this is the reputation of Kamakura Shirt's Jersey shirts. With a stress-free, T-shirt-like comfort and an easy-care nature that hardly wrinkles, it has captivated many fans. However, when we say "Jersey/Knit shirt" in a word, there are actually various fabrics and materials available, and their characteristics are diverse.


When it comes to Kamakura Shirt's knit shirts, this 46G (gauge) high-gauge knit shirt is a standout choice. Using a machine that exists only in a few places worldwide, capable of weaving with the delicacy of 46G, it is a confident creation that closely mimics the sheen and appearance of dress shirts made of woven fabric. Worn, it doesn't immediately convey the impression of a knit to the wearer, making it a strong ally for those who work actively every day.

With a natural fabric feel that doesn't immediately scream 'knit shirt' at first glance, it allows for a versatile wardrobe. The pronounced sheen also enables pairing it with silk neckties.

A natural fabric feel that doesn't immediately reveal itself as a 'knit shirt' at first glance. With a pronounced sheen, it also allows for pairing with silk neckties.

The greatest feature of the knit shirt is its remarkable stretch, making it hard to believe it's not a dress shirt. By expanding the range of motion, it achieves ease of movement.

Another charm of the knit shirt is its excellent quick-drying capability due to the polyester blend. It's a recommended fabric for the current season when laundry tends to dry slowly.






Exuding a luxurious feel that defies the typical knit perception, the 'Premium Circular Knitting' maintains the functionality of knit shirts, such as wrinkle resistance and easy care, while achieving a luxurious appearance. Its allure lies in the sophistication that can be effortlessly paired not only with jacket and pants styles but also with suits

For the fabric surface that influences the appearance, we use 80-count extra-long staple cotton. It boasts a beautiful sheen, creating an elegant look that stands out when worn alone.

Paired with high-quality fabric, we use the finest mother-of-pearl buttons (black mother-of-pearl for navy). Every detail is meticulously crafted, making it a specification exclusive to premium-grade knit shirts.






A double-knit shirt with excellent opacity and durability. The material is moderately thick, providing a comfortable feel with resilience, and it resists shape distortion, ensuring strength for heavy use. Another notable point is its inner layer's resistance to transparency. Suitable for wearing in spring, autumn, and winter, covering three seasons.

A heavyweight double-knit fabric is charming due to its fabric's sense of weight and drape. The fabric falls gracefully, creating a clean and beautiful silhouette.

A double-knit with fabric on both sides has a substantial thickness, ensuring that there is no concern about transparency for inner layers or against the skin. It is also recommended for styles without a jacket, providing versatility.





Recommended for those who want to look neat even in casual attire while staying comfortable, the casual knit shirt is designed for easy care and a soft touch unique to knits. The fabric texture and length balance are tailored for a casual look while maintaining the ease of care and soft feel characteristic of knits. It's a versatile shirt suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual to office casual, fitting the demands of the modern era.

An adaptable length that works for both wearing untucked or tucked in. With ample room at the waist, it achieves a relaxed silhouette for a comfortable feel.

Utilizing the pattern of a dress shirt, this casual knit shirt is suitable for office casual wear. It pairs exceptionally well with cardigans or lightweight jackets.