Learn About: Kamakura Navy Ties

The Strongest Weapon for a Businessman

Navy solid tie that many business people have. I think the appeal is the high versatility of "any coordination". For example, if you have trouble coordinating on a busy morning, you can definitely wear a navy solid tie for the time being. It also plays an active role as a tightener for patterned shirts and suits. It is an indispensable item in the wardrobe, whose greatest appeal is its sense of security and stability. A "white shirt" is a must-have for a dress shirt, but a "navy solid tie" is a must-have for a tie.

There are various types of navy, even if they are called navy.

From the classic navy blue to a color close to blue, or the so-called indigo. The materials are also very diverse. Silk, linen, wool, fresco, knit etc... One navy is different from another.

However, strangely, there are not many variations of navy solids in the tie section of the world. There are many fashionable and trendy ties lined up, but it seems a little difficult to actually wear them in the business scene.

Here are six carefully selected solid navy ties that represent Kamakura Shirts. Feel free to use it as a reference for your shopping.

50oz English Twill

The finest quality of a long-established British factory with a history of 300 years and Kamakura Shirts have been a selling for 10 years.

Beautiful luster and noble color. The solid 50oz English twill is a world-famous fabric and is a tie that can be called an eternal staple of businessmen. You can also create beautiful dimples, which is especially recommended for orthodox suit styles. In addition to navy solids, it also features a wide variety of colors.


This long-established factory in the UK is known for their 8,000 types of solid navy-only archives.
350END means "sewing 350 warp threads in an inch", but it's hard to image what that looks like. They are the only ones who can create this special quality in the world. It is a gem that can be called the ultimate basic tie, and you will surely be able to find the navy solid you want.


A special tie produced by a long-established factory that can be said to be unique in Como, Italy. It is the quality of the so-called double structure of twill on the front side and satin on the back side. Produced by a special loom that only they have (it is too secret for the company and we have visited many times, but have not seen it yet).


Yamanashi is a famous silk producing area that Japan is proud of. Here is a factory that produces excellent quality one after another that is comparable to imported products.Their best-selling product is the melange solid. By twisting different colored threads into a single thread and weaving it, you can experience a deep shade of color. It is different from a regular solid tie.


A grenadine material produced by the same factory as the "Double Face Solid" introduced above. The one made of 100% silk can be used all year round, and it is a versatile player as a tie with a texture that can be used for both suits and jacket styles. Although it is a simple dark blue color, it is a tie that gives an elegant accent the overall outfit.


Silk knit tie by a long-established German factory founded in 1908. It is a knit tie factory that is regarded as a representative of knit ties in the world. The material they use creates elegance, firmness, and dressiness that other knit ties do not have.