Hiroan, a leather workshop in Asakusa, inherits a history of over 100 years.

Using traditional techniques such as edge polishing, back-cutting, folding, and their unique technique called "Beta-tori", which top fashion houses also desire, they create thin and durable leather accessories. Hiroan is a factory brand dedicated to the pursuit of craftsmanship.

In an era dominated by mass production, Hiroan distinguishes itself by meticulously handcrafting each item, emphasizing the spirit of creating products with unwavering commitment to quality. This dedication has led to the realization of their double-named items.


Small Wallet




Card Case





Strong, Beautiful Leather

The leather used in this case undergoes a process called chrome tanning, where it is first treated with chrome salts. Additionally, it undergoes retanning, known as "shibui," until it reaches the saturation point. It is finished through a process called heavy retanning.

Heavy retanning is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method, but it allows the leather to maintain the advantages of being resistant to water due to chrome tanning while also being lightweight and highly durable. Moreover, it allows the leather to exhibit the beautiful texture associated with vegetable tanning.

This process truly combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a luxurious leather product.


Sophisticated Elegance

The simple design, free from unnecessary embellishments, creates an understated and refined impression. It avoids being overly assertive, maintaining a balanced and tasteful appearance. The size is carefully crafted to fit seamlessly into the inner pocket of a jacket without causing any discomfort. This ensures that the outer silhouette remains intact, making it ideal for business settings.





Unparalleled Unique Technique


Edge-to-Edge Bonding

"Betazuri" is a special technique where leather, shaved to a thickness of approximately 0.5mm, is skillfully bonded together. HIROAN's betazuri has been recognized as the epitome of luxury in leather goods. The bonded pieces blend together so naturally that it creates an illusion of being a single piece of leather. This method achieves a harmonious balance between thinness and durability, two contrasting advantages. The absence of visible stitches in the appropriate areas results in a refined and elegant finish, showcasing HIROAN's signature betazuri technique.


Edge Burnishing

HIROAN's leather products feature a finishing technique called "Koba-migaki", which refers to the process of exposing the edge of the leather, known as the "cut edge," without folding it over. This technique involves applying paint to the edge and then meticulously polishing it with a cloth. The burnishing is performed solely by hand and is not suitable for mass production. Through repeated polishing of the cut edge, a natural and deep shine is achieved. The smooth and refined edge, achieved through friction, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides durability against the effects of aging.

After-Cut Skiving

The "Heri no atogiri" technique makes a significant difference in the final beauty of the product. By eliminating excess leather at the edge, it reduces the stress on the stitching. Furthermore, it prevents the accumulation of dust or debris behind the edge, allowing for a clean and professional appearance, which is essential in business settings. However, this delicate process requires highly skilled craftsmanship, as there is a risk of cutting through the lower layers of leather if even the slightest amount of pressure is applied incorrectly. It demands a steady hand and a high level of expertise.

Hot Iron Grooving

HIROAN utilizes its original tool, an electrically heated iron, for a technique called "Nenbiki". The grooves created on the leather using this iron are referred to as "Nen". HIROAN applies these grooves precisely 1mm from the edge. This line serves to define the contours of each component, resulting in a refined and streamlined appearance. The attention to detail is so meticulous that the intricacies can only be noticed upon close inspection. Every aspect of the process is executed with utmost care and precision.



MAISON de HIROAN is a factory brand founded by Hiroshi Hasegawa, carrying on the legacy of Japan's oldest leather goods workshop, established in 1906. With an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality, every leather accessory created under this brand reflects the culmination of dedicated craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece is crafted with a combination of extensively researched techniques and a passion for perfection.