Linen Shirt

Time to Relax

In the sizzling sun
A heated breeze softly blows through my linen shirt.
The hot summer is here.

This summer is brighter than last year,
With such a feeling in mind.


The linen shirt is just the right length.
The back also gives a dignified impression.


Long sleeves will protect your arms from direct sunlight.
It is also useful for driving in the middle of summer.
You can also roll up your arms carelessly to balance the sleeves to your liking.


Kamakura Shirt's linen shirts are lightweight and softer the more you wear them.
Patterned and dark colors can be worn over bare skin without an undergarment.
It is an excellent natural material that dries quickly even when sweating.


Matching royal blue with plain white will instantly give you a maritime look.
Instead of off-white, choose a clear white that reflects the sun.
You will create a sophisticated style that will catch anyone's eye.


A Capri shirt that elevates your everlasting summer mood.
It is a look that is always appealing.
It looks great in broad daylight or at dusk.