Linen Shirts (Updated 0719)

When we talk about linen shirts,
there are various textures, colors, and ways to wear them.
This season, we have assembled the largest lineup ever,
so you can enjoy them in various scenes,
from casual daily looks to resort settings and even the office.

About the Texture

This linen shirt is dyed with a natural off-white color,
intentionally creating a mottled appearance that enhances its unique texture.
The central part of the thread is left undyed.
It is a garment that gains character and charm as it is washed and worn,
and we hope you will cherish and enjoy it for a long time.

Olive green, balancing lightness and elegance.
It goes well with refreshing items like striped t-shirts,shorts, and white pants,
creating a well-balanced and recommended look.


A soft French linen that harmonizes beautifully with a gentle beige.
It has a light, airy atmosphere that gives both the appearance and comfort a buoyant styling to enjoy.


A sophisticated luster stands out in this basic navy.
It's a versatile piece that can be styled from classic marine or resort looks to office casual,
offering a wide range of outfit possibilities.


Refreshing scent, a frosty touch of blue.
With its deep and textured appearance,
this shirt in a slightly marbled blue shade creates a stylish look even when worn alone.
It's also great to casually roll up the sleeves for a breezy and effortless styling.


Black linen that combines lightness and a sense of solidity.

This black linen fabric harmoniously blends contrasting elements of lightness and weightiness.
It can be styled in a sharp monochrome outfit,
but it also exudes an elegant aura when worn in a relaxed and casual manner.
It is a sophisticated choice for adult casual attire.


We have used a vintage-like thick thread of 40-count,
and a casually rugged short-sleeved shirt has been completed.
With a boxy silhouette that falls loosely,
it exudes an unpretentious charm with relaxed shoulders.