The One and Only Easy-Care Shirt

A shirt that changes the image and common sense of the usual easy-care shirts. Our domestically produced functional shirt is suitable for a first-class businessman without compromising quality.

Repeated trial production with a spinning factory that shared that the same aspiration, we created a thread with a special structure: wrapping cotton around recycled polyester. This is how our easy-care "PALPA" thread was born.

All the parts that come into contact with the skin are made of cotton, so the comfort and luster are the same as a regular cotton shirt. In addition, the morphological stability achieved by the special thread structure prevents you from getting wrinkles.

Comfort, functionality and environmental friendliness. We are proud that we were able to create this type of shirt in Japan.

Birth of the PALPA Thread Structure

After being selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for their Manufacturing Supply Chain Reconstruction Support Project, Okayama's Unitika Tokiwa Factory, which boasts the highest level of spinning technology in Japan, and Kamakura Shirts started on the project right away. After a three-year development period, the technology of the world's first thread "PALPA Premium" (* patented in 2019) was created. A special structure in which recycled polyester for its core and cotton wrapped around it. An original blend of premium cotton from India and luxury cotton from Australia, which boasts the highest whiteness in the world.

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Morphological Stability
In general, morphological stability is obtained by spraying chemicals such as special coatings and resins on the surface of the fabric, but the same effect can be obtained by the special structure of the yarn itself. Obtained 3.5 grade in the wash & wear index showing morphological stability.

Quick Dry
The outer cotton absorbs moisture, the inner polyester helps dry faster, and the two materials offer their respective strengths. As a result, it dries about three times faster than a 100% cotton shirt. You can check the effect even if you wash and hang to dry in your room at night, on a humid day, or if you get wet or sweat on the go.

Beautiful Appearance, Natural Shell Buttons
Speaking of morphologically stable shirts, many people may be concerned about the shine unique to chemical fibers. PALPA gives off a natural luster because all parts that touch the skin and are visible on the surface are made of cotton. It is made in Japan, and it is equipped with the commitment such as troll-down lockstitch and natural shell button.

Consideration for the Environment
Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles is used for the core of the thread. By blending Australian cotton with high whiteness to the outer cotton, the amount of bleach (chemical) and water used for washing can be minimized, and as a result "Less Chemicals & Less Water" is achieved. In addition, this special structure has reduced the amount of cotton, which is a limited resource, by about 30%.