Premium Jersey Knit

The key to success is being effortlessly refined.

In the busy daily business scene, what's important when it comes to dressing is "how to look both polished and comfortable." In that regard, a jersey shirt, which combines a dressy appearance with wrinkle-resistance and stretchability, is the ultimate business attire. This time, we have prepared cooling seersucker material and luxurious premium circular jersey knit. For the hot summer, the refreshing new jersey shirt that can make you look stylish with just a single layer.


Seersucker, a representative fabric of summer. Thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of "KANEMASA", a renowned jersey knitter in Wakayama with world-class expertise, we've added a refreshing texture to the jersey fabric. "Cool, no need for ironing, and stress-free." This is a unique shirt that decorates the hot season with coolness like never before.

Seersucker, a finely textured, subtly elegant fabric with a smooth and comfortable feel against the skin. Both in appearance and sensation, it's a cool fabric. We offer a range of calm color variations, ensuring its versatility well into the early autumn.

Easy care, one of the most prominent features of knit fabric is its excellent easy-care quality. No need for ironing, you can wear it straight out of the wash. Thanks to the polyester blend, it also dries quickly, adding to its convenience.

Premium Circular Jersey

Premium Circular Jersey, which boasts a presence akin to a high-end dress shirt. Maintaining the functionalities of wrinkle resistance and easy care that define knit shirts, we've also achieved a luxurious appearance.

It looks impressive when worn solo and its inner layer won't show through, making it a highly recommended piece for the Cool Biz season when jackets aren't necessary.

80-count extra-long staple cotton

For the fabric that directly influences the appearance, we've employed 80-count extra-long staple cotton. With its high whiteness and beautiful luster, it exudes an air of sophistication when worn alone.

On the fabric's underside that touches the skin, we've used high-performance polyester material, ensuring no transparency issues often found with white shirts.

Stretch and Wrinkle Resistance

Thanks to its remarkable stretchiness,
it ensures a comfortable, stress-free fit. Despite its sophisticated dress shirt appearance, it feels as comfortable as a casual T-shirt.

Of course, you wouldn't know it's a knit shirt just from its appearance.

UV Protection

Equipped with UV protection, it's perfect for the scorching summer when strong UV rays are beating down. It also offers a cooling sensation upon contact, which can help alleviate the heat. An ideal white shirt for those sweaty seasons.