Summer Casual

Summer Items for Casual Style

No matter how hot it gets, never forget to dress up with a cool look.
Summer holiday wear tends to be simple in styling.
We want to dress ourselves in clothes that have been carefully selected.
At Kamakura Shirts, we utilize to offer casual items that are suitable.

1. Linen Shirts

We cannot miss linen shirt for casual summer style. Kamakura Shirt's linen is characterized by its luster and soft touch. The vivid blue stripes will make you look cool and refresh..

Our linen shirt is made by a long-established Irish linen company, "Herdmans." The band collar creates an unpretentious, elegant casual style. The perfect balance between the soft look of linen and the rugged box silhouette is what we are in the mood for.

This vivid yellow stripe will lift your spirits just by wearing it. How about wearing it with navy pants and espadrilles for a resort-like look? It goes well with items in tight colors.

2. White Shirts

A neat-looking dobby weave casual shirt. White shirts are a timeless staple for both business and casual wear. Choose a white shirt with casual specifications to reduce the work feel.

The band collar shirt in dobby weave. Slightly more relaxed look than a button-down. The fabric is shiny, so you can put a silk scarf around your neck.

3.Wool T-shirts

Merino wool is perfect for humid weather. The soft pink color is dyed from Crepe-myrtle from Hasedera temple in Kamakura.

This blue madras check shirt is reminiscent of America in the 60s. The back buttons, locker loops, and front buttons are sure to please Ivy lovers.

An elastic mesh belt that goes great with casual pants. This belt has a great atmosphere and sublimates your usual casual style to something one rank more elegant.

4. Denim Shirts

This denim shirt is the exact opposite of the "thick and rugged" image of denim, and has the look of a dress shirt. It is good to wear it with cotton pants, but also to wear it with wool pants and loafers for a beautiful look.

5. Botanical Shirts

The band collar shirt dyed with Kenchoji's hydrangea. It is a standard saxe blue shirt, but the botanical dyeing and collar shape gives it a gentle atmosphere.

Stand collar shirt dyed with Kenchoji's hydrangea. It is a standard saxe-blue shirt, but the botanical dyeing and collar shape give it a gentle atmosphere.

6. Napoli Linen Shirt

The double pocket linen shirt is handcrafted by artisans in Naples. Military details are arranged in an urban style. It can be worn alone or as a jacket.

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate the color brown. Choosing bottoms in clear colors such as white or navy blue will make the entire outfit look balanced