Suvin Gold Cotton


Sought-after Premium Cotton

Of the cotton produced in 90 countries around the world, only about 8% is referred to as high-end cotton.

Among these, the rare and highly sought-after premium cotton is "SUVIN GOLD".

It accounts for only 0.003% of the total cotton production and is not widely known in the industry.

Experience the shine and feel of the cotton we have sought for years, the cotton of legend.



SUVIN GOLD×150 Counts

Cotton of the highest quality, carefully grown in a designated farm in South India and hand-picked to ensure that the cotton fibers are not damaged by machinery during the harvesting process.

The type of cotton is 'SUVIN', a title given only to the first and second pickings of the finest cotton grown in soil with the best nutrients. With its soft, smooth and elegant luster, and beautiful color, the cotton has been spun into fine threads with a gauge of 150.

It is a luxurious feel that only a 150 gauge thread can provide.

(※ 'Super-long cotton' refers to cotton with fiber lengths of 3.5cm or more. Longer fiber lengths are considered more premium.)



From spinning to sewing,
all done in a Japanese factory.

The spinning of the yarn from this mythical cotton was done at the Unichika Textile factory in Okayama, Japan. Unichika, with its advanced spinning technology and facilities, teamed up with Kamakura Shirts to develop the high-quality 'SUVIN GOLD' yarn that is suitable for shirt fabric.

From yarn to weaving, dyeing, and sewing, every step was done in Japanese factories, resulting in the completion of the 'SUVIN GOLD' shirt.

This is a masterpiece that can only be experienced with Kamakura Shirts, where Japanese technology has been brought together.