Thomas Mason

Carrying on the tradition and sophistication of England,
The charm of the finest fabric brand

Among the fabric brands handled by Kamakura Shirts for made-to-measure (MTM), 'THOMAS MASON' is particularly popular with a large fan base. Established in 1796, with a history spanning over 200 years, it is one of the brands that has earned the prestigious 'Royal Warrant' as a supplier to the British royal family, thanks to its exceptionally high quality. In this feature, we'll unravel the history and charm of this esteemed brand.

Thomas Mason, which is now considered synonymous with luxury shirts, has built a solid reputation and overwhelming support over its long history of more than 220 years since its founding. There is hardly anyone in the apparel and fashion industry or among shirt enthusiasts who is unfamiliar with the renowned brand "Thomas Mason". Let's revisit its history and introduce it once again.



Thomas Mason, one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the British textile industry, established a shirt fabric manufacturer in the region of Lancashire, England, amidst the Industrial Revolution in 1796. At times, Thomas Mason was also called upon to contribute to wars due to changing circumstances, and it is said that he developed fabrics with water resistance and durability, saving the lives of many soldiers.

In 1936, Thomas Mason became the exclusive supplier to Turnbull & Asser, a shirtmaker appointed by the British royal family. The familiar "London Stripe" among shirt fabrics was introduced by Turnbull & Asser during this period. Originally created as flashy striped shirts for musical costumes, they became popular when sold to the general public. During this time, comfort and vibrant color choices became fundamental in fashion.

By 1960, London became the epicenter of a fashion revolution, with youth fashion led by bands like The Beatles sweeping through, promising significant changes. Traditional British elegance also gained attention, with the combination of Kipper ties and shirts becoming a trend symbolizing this era. It goes without saying that fabrics from Thomas Mason were widely used during this time.

In 1991, Thomas Mason was acquired by the Albini family of Bergamo, Italy, and is now under the umbrella of Albini Group in Italy. Even after the acquisition, the brand continues to embody the traditional British heritage cultivated over the years, while integrating the cutting-edge technology of Albini Group and the design aesthetics of Italy, maintaining its status as a royal warrant holder and offering enchanting items.




"THOMAS MASON" is primarily characterized by its use of double-twisted fabrics made from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns, known for their ultimate luxury among Egyptian cotton. The brand excels in handling high-end fine yarns, renowned for their practicality and high quality, making them appealing to many people even today due to their durability and reliability.

Moreover, boasting a wide range of archive collections, the fabric offers a diverse selection of patterns and colors, ranging from elegant designs to those that exude a distinct "character."


Thomas Mason, the pinnacle of luxury fabrics that inherit the tradition and elegance of England. With its light and supple texture, coupled with a luxurious sheen and substantial feel, this fabric continues to be adored by celebrities worldwide.

We invite you to experience its exquisite texture firsthand. You may find a garment that you'll cherish and wish to wear repeatedly.