Vintage Ivy


The VINTAGE IVY COLLECTION began in 2012 with the encounter of Mr. Graham Marsh, an Art Director/Ivy League connoisseur residing in the UK.

Drawing on Mr. Marsh's expertise in 1960s jazz and Ivy League fashion, we present authentic button-down shirts that capture the essence of that era, skillfully crafted by Kamakura Shirts.

Indulge in a collection born from the spirit of American Trad, a testament to our unique perspective and heritage.

Copyright © Graham Marsh

The Ivy style, transmitted from America to Japan since the 1960s, once dominated the fashion culture of that era and continues to be embraced today. Japanese enthusiasts meticulously honed this "IVY" style, and as a result, its quality and excellence garnered recognition even in the West. To the extent that it was re-imported to the United States.

Together with Mr. Graham, we dedicated ourselves to pursuing the iconic "Button-Down (B.D.) Shirt," a cornerstone of American Trad style. From the fabric to the silhouette, and even down to the roll of the collar, we spared no effort to perfect the B.D. Shirt that was admired in those days.

Those familiar with that era may find it nostalgic, while the younger generation may perceive it as "fresh and stylish."

"In many aspects, Japan has inherited much more from the tradition of American clothing than America itself." -David Marx "AMETORA"

Original name tags reminiscent of American vintage.

The beautifully rolling collar, often considered the signature of a button-down shirt.

Adorning the back of the Ameritrastyle, featuring box pleats, locker loops, and back buttons.

An essential chest pocket for the sporty casual shirt.

Classic single barrel cuffs on a button-down collar, sans gauntlet button, for a timeless look.

Faithfully replicating the Ivy style with a 6-button design.

The combination of a gold-buttoned blazer, rep tie, and white oxford is a timeless classic trad style. Its simplicity underscores the importance of details, such as the pocket design and the buckle color of the belt, that remain consistent across eras.

In the wardrobe of an Ivy enthusiast, a candy stripe shirt is indispensable. Even with a substantial tweed jacket, deliberately pair it with a warm-toned shirt and blue jeans for an effortless and relaxed style.

Pairing a rugged denim shirt with a vibrant lambswool sweater for an urban look. Adding a touch of Ivy style, complement the ensemble with three-stripe line socks for a unique and playful twist.

Opting for a laid-back and stylish approach, pairing a gray flannel suit with a sax blue oxford shirt instead of a white shirt. Don't forget to refine the V-zone with a classic black knit tie for a polished look.