Vintage Line

Vintage Line


Up-and-coming, Italian necktie brand.

One hour by train from Milan, Italy. Lombardy, northern Italy. At the foot of the Alps, on the shores of Lake Como, there is a tie brand with an atelier.

The rich water of the Alps, the dignified air, and the lush greenery. The mansions and cobblestone streets used by royalty and aristocrats in the past, and the elegant and relaxed climate unique to southern Europe. All of these things are mixed together in Como, which is famous as one of the most scenic spots in Europe.


IIt is an enchanting land that has captivated writers, creators, and many others that has been used in numerous films, including a scene on a lush natural planet in a very famous science fiction movie.

With its atmospheric architecture, magnificent landscapes, and treasure trove of inspiration, Como is the perfect place to create. The ties born in this land are the "Vintage Line" developed by Kamakura Shirts.

The brand boasts a history of about 60 years since its establishment.

Although it has a shorter history than other famous Italian brands, its innovative designs and overwhelming quality have attracted famous specialty stores around the world. It has now grown into a leading Italian brand that is unrivaled by any other.

Kamakura Shirts has been doing business with the brand for about 10 years, and from the first delivery to the present, the "Vintage Line" has enjoyed overwhelming popularity, especially among customers.

Classic Modern, The Secret Of Its Popularity


The most distinctive feature of the Vintage Line is its vintage-inspired patterns.

The company digs up materials (archives) from more than 100 years ago and plans them. Rather than using the old archives as they are, they specialize in arranging retro patterns in a modern way. By arranging them, they create fresh combinations of colors and patterns, creating a classic yet modern atmosphere that is unique to them.

They take an old and venerable design and edit it in a modern way. Because of their outstanding technique and originality, Kamakura Shirts has named their collection "Vintage Line".

It is original, yet versatile enough for everyday use in business.

A typical Italian color combination, "Azzurro e Marrone" are the chic colors based on blue and brown are very easy to use in the Japanese business scene and create a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere. This kind of color scheme is also a factor that attracts many people.


Thus, with high planning ability and originality, they combine classic and fashionable at the same time, and create supreme products with deep taste.

Vintage Line has a one-of-a-kind atmosphere by the combination of a highly designed design, beautiful fabrics made in Italy, and handmade sewing. It is an authentic Italian necktie that will captivate fashion lovers.