18G Washable Silk Knit

Introducing the "18G (Gauge) Washable Silk Knit", incorporating luxurious silk material into knitwear. Stay tuned for a report from our buyer, Kawada.

While harboring a vague desire for a good knitwear, I searched daily for various materials and shapes. Amidst this exploration, the thought arose, "Wouldn't it be great to create knits using silk material?" I've always had a fondness for knits since the past, experimenting with various types such as those from Kamakura Shirts, vintage pieces, and those made from unconventional materials.

However, among all these, there was one material I had been avoiding: silk.

Silk, renowned for its elegant luster and soft touch, has been cherished by nobility since ancient times, standing alongside linen as one of the most historically significant natural materials. However, the reason for avoiding such a splendid silk is its vulnerability to water. On rainy days, soaking your favorite silk tie and hastily trying to rub it dry with a handkerchief only results in a crumpled mess of wrinkles. Despite desperate attempts to fix it, it's all in vain. Though I have no pleasant memories with silk, I've recently discovered a "washable silk" called "MAYUCA®."

In reality, regular silk can indeed be washed, but there are many precautions to be taken, making it quite cumbersome and with the added risk of potential mishaps. However, "MAYUCA®" has been developed by engineers at Toyoboshi Spinning*, incorporating a protein coating that makes the silk resistant to moisture and friction. What's remarkable about this is that in addition to the protein coating, the silk fibers are endowed with scales (similar to cuticles), providing it with the ability to absorb and release moisture like animal hair fibers such as wool or cashmere. This feature helps regulate temperature, ensuring greater comfort. Its practicality is truly remarkable and far from what one would typically expect from silk.

*Toyoboshi Spinning: A Japanese spinning company with a history dating back to its founding in 1879.
They consistently produce everything from cashmere yarn to knitted products in Japan. Toyoboshi Spinning website

The fabric has been finished with both 18G and high-gauge techniques. This results in a smooth surface that complements the luster of silk, exuding a refined brilliance. With excellent resilience (the ability to return to its original shape), it maintains its pristine form for extended wear. I still vividly recall the exhilaration when I first put it on. As for the crucial aspect of the knit's design, I believe a crew neck and polo shirt style would be versatile options suitable for various occasions.

Crew Neck

The "crew neck" pairs well with both suits and blousons. Instead of opting for a cotton T-shirt, choosing to wear a silk crew neck adds a touch of simplicity yet refinement to your style.

Polo Shirt

The long-sleeved polo shirt, with its draped knit fabric and collar design, combines an elegance not typically found in T-shirts or cut-and-sew tops. Its compatibility with jackets makes it suitable for work attire as well.

Kawada, Men's Planning and Buyer

Born in 1997. Impressed by Kamakura Shirts, a company spreading Japanese craftsmanship overseas during his study in the United States, he joined the company. Starting from sales at the Ginza store to MEN'S Shinjuku store, he has been in his current position since 2023. He has been passionate about clothing since his student days, leveraging his knowledge and experience to contribute to craftsmanship. Hobbies: Photography, vintage clothing, visiting cafes.