White Shirts

White, A Fall Wardrobe Essential.

The white shirt is a must-have in the men's wardrobe. Because it is an extremely simple item, it is important to discern the quality of stitching and materials. Kamakura Shirts offers a variety of high-quality white shirts that can be chosen to suit different scenes and styles. We hope it serves as a reference for your upcoming autumn clothing choices.

Basic Broadcloth Shirts


A white broadcloth shirt is a must-have for any adult man. It's a versatile classic that can be worn in a wide range of situations, from business to formal occasions. Made from the highest quality Supima cotton, the pure white fabric exudes cleanliness and reliability. Starting with this one piece is a sure bet.

Basic Oxford Shirts


When it comes to button-down shirts, the first thing that comes to mind is Oxford fabric. This fabric is woven with thick yarns, becoming softer with each wash and conforming to your skin over time. It's a versatile piece that can be worn from casual to office-casual styles, making it a surefire staple for your regular rotation.

Basic Royal Oxford Shirts


The Royal Oxford fabric boasts a soft texture that seems to hold air within it. Its fabric surface features subtle textures, offering a beautiful sheen and a pleasant, airy touch against the skin. This versatile dress shirt can be paired with a range of outfits, from dressy worsted wool suits to textured jackets, making it a go-to choice for various occasions.


The Kamakura Shirts original Easy Care Shirt achieves a cotton-like feel while being made of 100% cotton. Through a unique construction where cotton surrounds the polyester threads, it maintains its shape stability while offering the natural texture of cotton. It's a next-generation, one-of-a-kind Easy Care Shirt that combines functionality with aesthetics.



The Dress Jersey Shirt offers a comfortable feel akin to a T-shirt. It excels in stretchability and easy-care, making it a strong ally for busy businessmen. The sheen produced by the 46G high-gauge knit is on par with high-end dress shirts. In a business environment where casual attire is becoming more prevalent, this is undoubtedly the optimal choice.

Premium Circular Knit


The highest-tier line of knit shirts. We've used premium Supima cotton on the fabric's surface and highly functional, non-transparent polyester on the inner side that touches your skin. Its glossy sheen and smooth texture leave no trace of it being a knit. This is a top-notch piece you'd want to pair even with classic suits.



The 400-thread-count shirt, the result of an unwavering pursuit of excellence. It elevates your presence and demeanor when you wear this luxurious shirt from any angle, enhancing your everyday attire. Not meant for everyday wear, but rather for special occasions, it should be worn with a high-quality suit, truly deserving of the most formal occasions.



Elegance and ease coexist in the casual wear proposed by the dress shirt specialist. Even when casually draped over, it maintains a refined and clean appearance. This white shirt is versatile, suitable for clean-cut casual styles and office-casual looks, making it a shirt you'd want to wear every day.