Winter Casual Shirts

Wrapped In Warmth

As the weather gets colder, you will want to wear warm and raised fabrics. This time, we will introduce high quality winter casual shirts with a gentle touch that wraps around the body.

With 45% Wool and 55% polyester, it can even be machine-washed. The charm of wool is so abundant. The shirt is useful for business casual wear.


Wool Easy Care

Ombre Check

The flannel ombre check shirt has been an icon for American casual fans and bikers. It has reborn as an elegant product in the style of Kamakura shirt.

The work-style double pocket specification and the use of resin buttons pay respect to the history of the ombre check shirt, while the matching pocket patterns and the detailed sewing are the result of the pride of a dress shirt maker. Please enjoy the exquisite balance of boldness and delicacy.


Smoothly raised herringbone pattern is recognizable at first glance as high quality. The casually woven pattern reflects light beautifully and creates a deep luster.

There are four color variations: white, navy, beige, and gray. This casual shirt is sure to be in heavy rotation, and can be worn with denim, chinos, and other casual pants, as well as with clean wool slacks for an elegant casual style..

Hound's Tooth

The houndstooth have some staggered plaid pattern in two-tone, navy and white.

The checkered pattern, which originally originated in the English countryside, has been sublimated to an urban and fashionable taste. The fine and moderate pitch allows it to be worn with a wide range of outfits, regardless of the outerwear or bottoms to which it is matched..