Knit T-Shirt

Not just a regular T-shirt, but a more sophisticated "knit T-shirt".
By using Supima cotton, which is an extra-long staple cotton,
and knitting it with a high gauge of 18G,
it has resulted in a luxurious appearance.

This knit T-shirt features the use of "strongly twisted yarn" and a characteristic "crisp texture".

Strongly twisted yarn refers to yarn with more twist than normal,
and clothing made with strongly twisted yarn absorbs and dries sweat easily,
providing a refreshing feel when worn.

With minimal fiber fuzziness and reduced contact with the skin,
you can enjoy a silky-smooth feel against your skin.


This knit T-shirt is versatile in coordinating with various items,
from tailored jackets to lightweight outerwear,
making it perfect for spring and summer.

Even when worn on its own, the ribbed hem adds a refined touch,
making it suitable for a wide range of innerwear uses.

It is available in four colors:
navy, black, white, and navy stripe, which are all basic colors.