Yamanashi Ties



The neckties woven in Yamanashi Prefecture,
a leading domestic textile production area,
form an immensely popular series that has captivated many people.
Japanese fabric, Japanese craftsmanship. Truly "Made in Japan".
We would like to introduce the story
behind the creation of these exquisite gems
that add elegance to the V-zone
through unwavering dedication and attention to detail.

Silk That Embodies The Woven Fabric

One of the greatest appeals of Yamanashi Fabric lies in the rich expression of melange. By using the target colors as a basis and twisting six threads of varying shades, it uniquely captures the depth of color through differences in shine, resulting in ties with abundant hues. It's said that sometimes inspiration from a single painting is translated into a single thread of color. Just as the sky shows a different expression each day, its color is not singular but composed of multiple shades. Yamanashi Fabric captures these natural hues in their ties.

Reliable Quality

Inside the factory, there are devices capable of drawing up underground water from Mount Fuji, turning it into mist, and humidifying the environment. Using this mist, and to prevent any damage to the threads from static electricity, the factory maintains a constant humidity of 60% and a temperature of 24°C, providing the optimal environment for creating the finest neckties.

An Archive Passed Down Through the Ages

To create the finest piece, it takes a considerable amount of time, involving repeated scrutiny and accumulated experience. In the realm of clothing, past trends often regain attention. Learning from past experiences, building upon the present, and envisioning the future to create new designs and values. Esteemed fabric houses with long histories possess this kind of archive, which is their most potent asset.

Continuously Embracing the Challenge:
"True Craftsmanship" Resides in Made in Japan Products

By finely adjusting the weave and quantity of fabric, it becomes possible to achieve diverse expressions. With each season's weaving, the fabric becomes refined and evolves beyond its previous state. The fashion industry experiences rapid daily changes, yet the culture of men's clothing remains relatively constant. However, within that realm, subtle differences filled with dedication in intricate details exist.


A renowned factory in Yamanashi that has been operating for four generations since the Taisho era, starting from sericulture. In the naturally abundant region of Yamanashi, with Mount Fuji as its centerpiece, a history of sericulture, silk production, dyeing, and weaving has been established. Please do enjoy the unique hues and expressions that can only be found here.