Kamakura Basic Shirts Collection

Authentic basic shirts that can be accepted worldwide with the quality of Made in Japan. Basic shirts will always make businessmen look more attractive. Whether you wear a shirt every day or on special occasions, you are sure to find a shirt that suits you. In business, it's not about dressing up, but about proper and beautiful grooming. Kamakura Shirts will support business people all over the world through their clothing.

Kamakura Shirts and "Made in Japan"

We are proud of our precise and meticulous craftsmanship,
and we are proud of our Made in Japan shirts.

If you look at the shirt all around, you can feel the craftsmanship more.

1. Fine Quality Fabric

We use a fabric woven from 80 count or finer yarn, which is considered to be a high-grade dress shirt. It features an elegant luster and smooth texture. You can feel the quality of the fabric just by wearing it once.

*Some sporty oxfords use thicker yarns to bring out more of the material. 

2. Pursued Pattern and Japanese Authentic Sewing

We have adopted a three-dimensional pattern to fit the human body naturally. In addition to the beautiful looking and strong “single needle stitching,” the collar form wraps around the neck and the sleeves have a beautiful shape that naturally pretends to be forward. All are made by a skilled factory in Japan. 

3. Natural Shell Buttons

Natural shell buttons are an essential part of a high quality shirt and are instantly recognizable to those who know what they are. Depending on the product, we use different types of shells, such as Takase shells and white mother of pearls. 

4. Beauty in appearance

With quality of the raw materials and technology, we are also particular about the sharp and elegant appearance of our products. We have concentrated our attention on the details.

For stripes and patterned shirts, the pattern is matched so that the border between the pocket and the body is not easily recognized.

The particulars listed here are actually only a few. It is not necessary for the customer to notice all of them. It is the true hope of Kamakura Shirts that you will feel "something good" the moment you put on the sleeve or when you finish your work.

About Our Collars

It is a basic collar shape with no peculiarities, so it blends well with a beautifully tailored suit. It is a collar type that every businessman should have, as it can be used for ceremonial occasions.
The color stay on the back of the collar can be removed and replaced, so you can fine-tune the mood according to your styling and enjoy a little bit of attention to detail.

It has a traditional atmosphere that is easy to feel familiar with, and it is popular among people of all ages because it keeps a beautiful collar even on days when a tie is not worn.
Since it has a sporty collar, it is recommended for coordination other than suits.

This is a collar type that can be used both with and without a tie. This is the most popular collar type nowadays, in line with the diversification of business wear.
It has a stylish atmosphere compared to the traditional button-down.

You can't go wrong with our basic colors and patterns

This is what you can reach for not only in everyday life, but also in times of need. We have a wide variety of shirts. It's just a white shirt, but it's still a white shirt. Because it is a standard shirt that you are most familiar with, be particular about the quality of the material.

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A clear blue, or a slightly grayish color. There are many nuances to the color blue. If you are aware of the differences, choosing the right one for your season or mood will become a small pleasure. You are sure to find a blue that matches your suit or jacket.

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If you wear a lot of plain suits and ties, add a light blue stripe to your wardrobe. It is both gorgeous and refreshing, and goes well with basic business wear such as navy, gray, and brown. When paired with patterned items, it looks great if you add contrast to each pattern.

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Small checks are for dignity. Larger checks are more playful and friendly. The charm of the checkered pattern can change its impression freely. It is not transparent and does not show wrinkles easily, so it is recommended for light-weather seasons and busy mornings. If you're not sure how to coordinate, just add a checkered shirt to a plain item to complete the look.

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