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Halison Cotton Stretch Long Hose

Proudly presented by HALISON, a renowned Japanese luxury sock brand, in collaboration with Kamakura Shirts, these are men's business socks worthy of the modern businessman. Following the well-received wool socks, we now have restocked socks made from the ideal cotton material for spring and summer! The pursuit of Made in Japan craftsmanship has enabled the creation of this high-quality masterpiece. Socks designed with meticulous attention to comfort are so comfortable that once you wear them, you won't want to take them off. With confidence in both price and quality, we invite you to try these ultimate socks on this occasion.

  • These are long hose socks designed for casual business wear, made with Supima cotton. They have a comfortable medium-thin thickness. The inner thread is made of stretchy polyurethane fiber Lycra, providing a pleasant and snug fit around the legs. Recommended for those who find the fit of regular business socks lacking, these socks do not excessively tighten like high-compression products. The "Halison way" involves subtly enhancing the fit, ensuring a comfortable experience. Of course, the compression is gradually adjusted to avoid excessive pressure on the calves, prioritizing comfort in the design.

  • The outer thread material utilizes Supima cotton silk-finished yarn (*), offering a unique smoothness and a silk-like sheen. To ensure durability and longevity, double-thread construction is used, and reinforcements are applied to the most vulnerable areas such as the toe and heel.

  • The socks are rib-knit from the leg to the top of the foot, made from 100% cotton, yet providing a soft and snug fit. Careful attention has been paid to the wear comfort, with gradual adjustment of compression from the calf downwards to gently embrace the leg. To ensure long-lasting use, double-thread construction is used instead of single-thread, and reinforcements are applied to the most vulnerable areas such as the toe and heel.
    (*The term "Mercerization" refers to a finishing process aimed at improving the cotton's luster, dyeability, dimensional stability, and smoothness.)

  • A style recommendation would be to pair these socks with a jacket and trousers, along with an Oxford shirt. Complete the look with slip-on shoes like loafers.

  • Cotton 77%, Nylon 22%, Polyurethane 1 %
  • Thickness: Medium-Thin
  • Compression: Medium (Good fit)
  • Intended Use: Business
  • Features: Wide Heel, Toe and Heel Reinforcement
  • Made in Japan
  • S:23~24.5cm

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