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  • Button Down Collar
  • Front Placket
  • Button Cuff
  • Solid
  • With Pocket
  • Made in Japan

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Dress Shirts Spun from "Miracle Cotton"

Sea Island cotton is the origin of all extra-long staple cottons and the reigning top-quality cotton used to be cultivated in the Caribbean, but was discontinued in the early 20th century due to devastating insect damage.

A century has passed since then. Thanks to modern agriculture, technological advances, and research into cultivation methods, Sea Island cotton has made a comeback in a limited area on the border between Texas and New Mexico in the United States. This "miracle cotton" was named "American Sea Island Cotton."

Characteristics of American Sea Island Cotton

The border between Texas and New Mexico is the site of the revival of the cotton industry, provided an ideal environment for cotton cultivation.

  • The Rio Grande River, fed by melted snow from the Rocky Mountains.
  • Sunshine duration (about 3,700 hours/year). *World average: about 2,500 hours, Japan average: about 1,500 hours
  • Desert climate with good drainage.
  • Black soil suitable for growing extra-long staple cotton.
  • High altitude of 1,100 meters mitigates pest damage.
  • Cool nights give cotton a rest.

Environmental Consideration for the Earth and Society

In addition to the highest quality and appearance, our cotton is grown in consideration of the earth and social environment, so you can enjoy our products with peace of mind.

We are certified by BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), which sets standards for sustainable cultivation of cotton.

  • Restriction of pesticide and water use.
  • Quality maintenance.
  • Health and safety considerations.
  • Compliance with labor and environmental standards.
  • Traceability tags that allow the process of creation to be tracked.

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Customer Reviews

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Good quality, but very difficult to wear

I used the shirt a few times before writing this review. All in all, the shirt is good quality, but it is very difficult to wear due to the stiffness of the fabric, tendency to crease very fast and due to very (very!) tight cuffs.
- good general quality: dense fabric, fine pattern, mother-of pearl buttons
- it creases very fast
- very difficult to iron, even if tumbled dried at low speed and then air dried.
- the fabric is rather dull, I fail to notice the "astonishing sheen" advertised online
- the cuffs are extremely tight. They can not be buttoned even over a fitness band, let alone a watch. This is the only shirt I ever had with this problem.
As a conclusion, this is a shirt I would definitely not buy again.

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The Supreme Oxford

A symbol of American Trad and Ivy League looks. An eternal classic has been crafted from the elusive, extra-long staple cotton known as American Sea Island Cotton, often referred to as American-grown Pima cotton. This Oxford, made with the utmost premium material, is well described by words like "elegance" and "substance." Indulge in this exquisite Oxford that elevates your usual trad style, offering you the ultimate experience of luxury.

Depth-enhancing luster

Exquisite collar roll

Mother-of-pearl buttons

A button-down shirt has been created that combines the dressy elegance unique to extra-long staple cotton with the rugged charm typical of Oxford shirts, featuring an astonishing sheen and a remarkably smooth texture that defies the conventional expectations of Oxford.

The button-down collar gracefully forms a beautiful roll. The carefully crafted smooth curves of the collar create a three-dimensional effect around the neckline, lending an air of sophistication even in an untied style.

The "mother-of-pearl button," a hallmark of luxury shirts. While resin buttons are commonly used in Oxford shirts, this shirt, befitting the finest quality of the premium cotton used, is adorned with the highest quality mother-of-pearl buttons.



Coming Soon In September

Coming Soon In September